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Who we are

My name is Courtney Shipley and I am the Director at QLD Security Consultants.

QLD Security Consultants is a family business and specialises in gate automation, access control, electronic security, CCTV, intercoms and telecommunication cabling, troubleshooting, and installations.

We are a small team and have been in business for going on 20 years. In that time we have tried and tested many products, had some fails but thankfully many wins and subsequently have developed lasting relationships with a core group of suppliers, gate installers and builders.

As a result of our experience and networks, we know our products well, are able to deliver expert advise and technical support and have a great working relationship with our suppliers.

Sometimes gate motors cannot be repaired due to the age and inaccessibility of components or their specific condition, in this case I've worked hard to locate a quality motor that suits a DIY install and will work well under all typical, residential conditions. 

The range here at Gate Automation Australia, are the gate motors I myself install daily as they usually offer the best quality motor for the price.

Nice Home Gate Automation Products

The Nice Home gate motors and accessories (replacing the mHouse products) are well proven and very much improved. With few exceptions, the new Nice Home range will directly replace the superseded mHouse products.

They are all Italian designed with 2 year warranty, and the supplier is, frankly, awesome to deal with.

Courtney Shipley

Questions or Comments on any of our Nice Home Products?

If you have any questions regarding our mHouse or Nice Home Automation products, terms of service or just looking for more advice, contact us at


or visit our business website at www.qldsecurityconsultants.com.au

Buying Online?

Online shopping might be the prefered method for many items, but when it comes to products like gate openers and electronic items sometimes it's difficult to know if you are getting the right product for the right job. Quality and warranty is important and although this is often reflected in the price it's also good to get the best bang for your buck. The products here, are the products i personally install in our core business at Queensland Security Consultants.

We have maintained a great relationship both with customers and our suppliers for over 12 years. The move to an online sales platform helps to inform our customers about the products we endorse, what we consider good value for money, and give you links to programming remotes and setting up your automation (see our how to videos).

Being an installer and family business owner first and foremost, my online strategy is to show you on the front page, how much these top quality italian made motors cost. Personally, I can't stand having to create an account, log in, give away my details and so on, just to get to the pricing. My intention is to give you as much information as you need as quickly as possible. With this in mind let me know if you have any further questions regarding our products or feedback on your feelings about our shop at