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Nice Gate Automation products

Rebranding of mHouse to Nice

Over the years, our mHouse product range has been a real winner for us delivering high quality products to our customers for the domestic and light duty commercial gate automation markets.

Who are Nice?

It may interest you to know that mHouse products are manufactured by Nice in Italy (yes, Italy; not China as most of the competition are). Nice is one of the largest automation producers in the world turning over €450 million per year and have a well-respected reputation in the industry.

Why the Change?

The mHouse range has been a reliable motor with exceptional performance over the years. Since the products have been so reliable, there was little need for change and so the motors remained more or less the same.

Over the years though, technology has evolved and 3 years ago, Nice’s worldwide distributors started the conversation with Nice (the manufacturers of mHouse products) to improve the product (and range) to make the performance even better and the installations easier again for the installer.

Nice Home sliding gate motor car

After many prototypes, Nice came to the ideal product we were all looking for with improved performance capabilities and many new features which will make the installations very straightforward for the installer.

Who are the Nice products now targeted for?

This, combined with our easy to navigate website and expanded “How to” guide videos, should make the product perfect for the DIY and the professional installer wanting high performance capabilities in the residential and light duty commercial market.

Nice Swing Gate Motor Twin

What happens next? Will there be a transition?

You will notice that over the next few months, the new line of Nice products will replace the mHouse products as stocks of the mHouse products are used up. Be assured that the next generation of Nice products replacing the ever-reliable mHouse products will be even better.

Nice Home Slide Gate Motor

New customers will be excited about our high quality and robust products. Existing customers will find that in a lot of cases, the components and spares will be direct replacements or may only require minor adjustments.

How do I find out more?

In any event, if you wish to buy new products and would like to know more information or are an existing mHouse user and require some help, please contact me via the About Us and the Contact Us pages, any of the links on the website or at qldgateshop@gmail.com.

Hope to hear from you soon,


mHouse to Nice Rebranding

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